Those who love Allaah

📬” ولا شيء أطيب للعبد ولا ألذُّ ولا أهنأُ ولا أنعم لقلبه وعيشه من محبة فاطره وباريه، ودوام ذكره والسعي في مرضاته، وهذا هو الكمال الذي لاكمال للعبد بدونه، وله خُلِق الخلق،..

ولا سبيل إلى الدخول إلى ذلك إلا من باب العلم، 

فإن محبة الشيء فرعٌ عن الشعور به، وأعرف الخلق بالله أشدهم حبا له
🔸نقلا عن كتاب”مفتاح دار السعادة” لابن القيم(١٣٦/١)



Thursday, 13th July 2017

There are certain times that a person feels truly at loss. Today is one of those days. I am writing to you from my couch staring at the dawn light and almost seeing a ray of hope. Sometimes you try several times to fix your own mistake but it doesn’t work. Last night spent staring at the ceiling at my friend’s place who gave me a pillow and a blanket to get through the dark night. My life once so beautifully planned crumbled in just ten minutes and I am really dreading to make the breakfast. I strongly feel like I want to sleep through this entire day. I have had enough of people, misfortune, me trying to fix something and making it worse and most of all no help.