Learning Quran Tajweed for Free Online

It has been a long time since I set back and spoke to you. One to one you know. My conversations with people have been dragged to one topic that is ”My Career” Alhamdulilah for righteous sisters who keep pulling me back to the path which concentrates on my Hereafter. For the past 2.5 months I have been taking  Quran Tajweed classes online. Don’t freak out. It is for free and is organised by some well known Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia. Electronic Islamic Academy Maqraa is awesome. Can I just use that word? It is truly epic. Now I am talking like a child but you know what? It is the answer to my Dua.

Due to transportation issues and all the mahram issues I wasn’t able to travel to academy where I can learn the proper Tajweed and recite Quran based on the rules. I was extremely depressed about it. So one fine day while scrolling through my Facebook page I see this post about this academy that virtually teaches males and females online. I didn’t give a second thought I immediately registered. No looking back and within 2 days I received in my mail that I got accepted I got so happy and it took me about an hour to figure out the whole online class you know. So I was one hour 30 minutes late to my first class. That was on 6th December 2014.

Now I took classes for Quran at my school where Alhamdulilah I memorised some really big Surahs only because of my Teacher. She was from Sudan and she made sure we know Quran like seriously.

On the other hand  at home I learned Tajweed but from this Sir lets just call him sir he had no freaking idea about Tajweed. He was teaching for the money. You have no idea when I reached the age I am now and I found out that what I am reciting is wrong I was all teary eyed. But there is always a but in a story I didn’t give up I continued to search for an academy in Riyadh mainly I wanted to be taught from a teacher who had a certificate in Quran. After a few weeks of mournful days Alhamdulilah by the grace of Allaah I found Maqraa. It is truly an achievement although I am still learning but you know what? I am blessed and so are you if you are reading this because we have found how to learn Quran while sitting at home regardless of your location.

Let’s talk about Maqraa. There are two sections Arabic and English. I am enrolled in the English section and my Quran Teacher my ”Ustadha” is from Egypt she can speak both in fluent English and ofcourse Arabic. She interacts with me in English and is the best at what she does.She has acquired her authentic certificate of reciting the Holy Quran. Now you can choose your class timing  whenever it suits you. There are different teachers at different timing. I read half a page 6 days a week and Friday is the day off for everyone including the boys. They have a kids section for children age-3 and above. I can’t wait for my youngest brother to hit 3 and start his Quran classes. My first brother’s Ustadh is also from Egypt and he is currently making my brother memorise the 30th Juz. So every night 4 of us have Quran classes. Only my youngest brother feels left out. He bangs on the door and says ”I wanna learn Quran also” We just make sure he is out of the room. Yes I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and 4 of us are studying Quran at Maqraa. You need a laptop/computer or a tablet/cellphone and internet connection to join a class. There are instructions mentioned on the website. We mainly use the laptop because we find it better but I know sisters who use cellphone because it is faster to enter a class.

They mark your attendance and you choose how many pages you are gonna read each day. I chose half a page so that I don’t stress myself out and since it is everyday I would advise you start with half a page and then work yourself up. The class is like you are speaking to her. It is like you are having a conversation on the phone. She can hear you and you can hear her and you recite and she corrects your mistakes. The most important part is  invest in a good microphone. I got the Microsoft microphone which was a random buy but it turned out to be way better than my old ones. And the timings are Makkah timings so you have to adjust depending on your timezone. Riyadh and Makkah time is same so  my clock was just fine with it. You either choose to read or to memorise. I read because I can’t memorise without knowing the tajweed rules. Thats about it. Go hurry. Register! I am sure you will love it.

P.S. If you are using an android cellphone then download Android Quran. These two apps are life savers. Seriously now I can do all I want and I don’t have to worry about breaking my wudhu.





19 thoughts on “Learning Quran Tajweed for Free Online

  1. Selamünaleykum sister! You don’t know how I am happy right now, because about two hours ago I went to our local Mosque Ladies section to apply for evening Tajweed classes but they said that they didn’t have evening classes 😔 I was so sad because I was dreaming about learning Tajweed for a year. As you say Elhamdulillah He heard my dua and now I am here reading your post ☺️
    Firsfully, thank you for this very helpful post! Secondly, I wanted to ask some questions. I have learnt Qur’an recently so I am ver slow. Lets say, I read one page in 7 minutes 😔 do you think it would be a problem? Also I am from Turkey and English is not my first language, so I am not sure if my english is enough for these classes.
    Thank you again:)


    • Wa Alaikum Assalum wa Rahmat-Allahi wa Barakatuhu. Alhamdulilah sister. You are welcome. No problem at all sister. I read half a page in 7 minutes lol. It takes time to get the fluency. My teacher can speak in Arabic and they have arabic stuff for Arabs. You will be fine in sha Allaah. English isn’t my first language as well. It is my second. Your English seems perfectly fine. You are welcome. They are very supportive, the teachers. You will be taken care of. May Allaah bless you for having the enthusiasm of learning the Quran. Is that fine with you sister? Which Language do you speak?Turkish?

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  2. Sister, if you don’t mind, I would appreciate a bit of help regarding these classes. I registered today and I received an acceptance email Alhamdoulillah.
    I know the times when I’m supposed to enter the class and who my instructor is. But there are no information as to when (what days of the week) the classes are supposed to be, and I have no idea when my first class will be. I haven’t received any further details yet.
    Also, I know how many pages I would be memorising in shaa Allah, but I have absolutely no idea when. If a person chooses half a page or a page to memorize, what does that mean? I mean is it in a week or everyday? Are the pages supposed to be memorised once a week or every day?

    When and where should I expect these information? Without further information, I’m kind of stuck it seems.

    BarakAllahu feeki.


    • Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat-Allahi wa Baraqatuhu. You can start from tomorrow in sha Allaah. The classes are conducted everyday except Friday. The link for the session is posted 15 mins before the class starts. From tomorrow your attendance will be marked so you can start rightaway. Memorization and recitation everyday except Friday. It is written on the website the last time I checked. May Allaah bless you.


      • wa alaikoum salaam wa rahmatoullah wa barakatouh.
        I did see somewhere that it’s 6 days a week, but I didn’t see the exactly days (the day off).
        Sister, memorization is everyday as in one must memorize the page selected every single day? Or is it just practice everyday with one day being the day to verify the page that was supposed to be memorized? If you’re not sure, it’s ok.
        Sorry for all my questions sis.


      • Sister you can talk with your teacher and fix it in the first class. As far as I am concerned one has to memorize the given page everyday. So for e.g I recite first half of pg-601 of Quran today and then I memorize this half page so tomorrow I recite without seeing the ayat to my Quran Teacher. She makes sure what I recite is correct and then tomorrow I also recite the last half of pg-601 with Tajweed and so on.
        It’s ok. I love to help. Any further questions are welcome but don’t worry you can always ask her and you both can come to terms with what suits you best. 🙂


      • Jazaki Allahu khayr sis! I actually had my first class today and I asked the teacher. She cleared all doubts and I nowunderstand Alhamdoulillah. You also helped me as I wasn’t sure what the off day was. I got one day absent already lol. I think it was the day of my registration. I got accepted minutes before class and I wasn’t sure if there was class. I tried logging in but I had problems. Anyway, I”ll talk to the teacher and see if that day can be taken off in shaa Allah.

        I’m VERY excited aboit this! Every time I try to make a schedule for myself, I slake. In shaa Allah now this extra push with help me!
        May Allah keep us all steadfast.


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