Story of When Continues

When the eyes sprinkle glitter. When the innocent child doesn’t know why he is crying.  When the clouds shiver due to cold. When the lips utter silence.  When the sound of the moving car reminds you of your existence. When the voices downstairs sounds familiar. When your ears overhears them talking about you. When the walls shake with violence. When the air conditioner doesn’t know why it is switched on in a cold weather. When the wardrobe is opened all day. When the unread books lie freely on the desk. When the desktop screen is frowning at your sadness. When your Facebook newsfeed is filled with sins. When your whatsapp messages go unanswered. When the men upstairs can’t stop moving their furniture. When the noise of the children jumping on the cracked floor comes to a stop. When the nights grow longer. When the extinct volcano in you erupts. When the lava can’t stop occupying your heart.  When the heat arises in your head. When the loneliness stays  forever. When you can only see darkness in the landscape on your wall.When the crime seems like an everyday headline. When the verbal abuse echoes in your ears. When the phone charging is left uninterrupted. When the flowers are left unwatered. When the “I love yous.” don’t make any sense. When the rainbow seems dark. When the stairs mimic your steps. When the laughter hides your cry. When the soul can’t recognise the face of kindness.  When “we” turns into “I”. When me time never seems to come to a stop. When bidding farewell to goodbye seems a moment ago then know that you need to wake up for Tahajjud. Then know that you need to prolong your prostration.It is time to move on with Qiyam as your starter.


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