As The Moon Appears

Yesterday was a test day at Madrasah. We had Quran test and Islamic. We had to perform ablution and then recite the duas after ablution and recite the dua of leaving a gathering. I quickly emerged to the sink before she could even call my name. I am not sure if I got full marks but what I truly know is my wudhu was correct except that I misunderstood her words and wiped my ears twice. Well I thought she said me to do but it turns out she didn’t. Therefore I am not sure what grades I will score.  Anyways in Quran test I recited 6 surahs and some other students recited 7 because Teacher told them to as they had mistakes in Surah Masad. There are a few English teachers in class accompanied by ladies who speak Russian. As the moon appears I sit down to hear the kids planning to go ice-skating to Royal mall. They are all younger than me but still I can’t my age in their presence. Madrasah is great and a lot of new students joined. It is lovely to watch each one of us unite for Islam and Arabic language. Alhamdulilah.


6 thoughts on “As The Moon Appears

  1. Beautiful post sister, you are lucky to go to the Madrassah! It’s really difficult to learn the Quran by ourselves.
    May Allah reward you & always guide you on His path.


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