A Friend of Mine Who

There is a friend of mine who respects the elderly and speaks with the poor. She continues her effort to guide people to salafiyyah even if the person denies few times in the beginning. She doesn’t give up nor does she take offense when people criticise her way of inviting people to Islam. This friend of mine mixes dawah with gentleness and kindness so that people know we the daees are not harsh nor arrogant. She makes the strangers among women feel special and writes a paragraph to me every day about her whereabouts.  She isn’t scared of words but just sad that she can’t make it to Saudi Arabia (the land of Islam). She is a stranger among her family memners coz she is the only one to cover her face and follow the view which says that covering awrahs is obligatory. She never holds herself back to smile at the helpless and always extends her hand to the needy. She brings flowers to cheer her misguided sisters. She wakes up in the morning to give her mom a company. She doesn’t kick back when she is abused by her family members nor does she lose hope in Allaah. She isn’t afraid of the darkness of the souls of humans. She is only concern about the light of guidance that could be taken from her any day if she isn’t careful. She isn’t like the rest. She isn’t a reflection of anyone I met. She is her own. May Allaah guide her and I to the truth that is often disputed upon. May we keep defending the truth with our bond.  May this friendship unite in Jannah. If you have such a friend tag her below and remind her that she isn’t like the rest.


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