The People are Divided into Three Categories On The Topic of Qadar (the Divine Decree)

The people are divided into three categories on the topic of Qadar (the Divine Decree):

– A category that believes in the Decree of Allaah, the Mighty and Sublime, and exaggerated in its affirmation, such that they denied the person’s ability and choice. They say that Allaah is the Doer of everything; and the servant has no choice nor ability.  He only does the act under coercion. Rather, some of them even claim that the action of the slave is the Action of Allaah. And for this reason, the people of Ittihad  (unity of existence) and Hulul  (pantheism) fall in this category, and these are the Jabariyyah.

– The second category says that the slave is independent in his actions; Allah does not have any will ability in them, such that some of them went to the extreme of saying that Allaah does not know the slave’s action except when he does it; but He does not know anything. These are the Qadariyyah, the Zoroastrins of this Ummah.
The first category exaggerates in affirming Allaah’s Actions and His Might and Power, and they say that Allaah, the Mighty and Sublime, coerces the person to do whatever he does; and the person does not have a choice.
And the others exaggerate in affirming the slave’s ability, and they say that neither the Divine Power nor the Divine Wish have anything to do with the slave’s action. He is the absolute doer with absolute choice.

– The third category: The People of the Sunnah and the Jamā’ah: We take the truth that is with each of the two sides; so we say: The actions of the slave occur with the Will of Allaah, and the creation of Allaah. It is never possible that something exist in the Dominion of Allaah without Him having willed it. And the person has a choice and volition, and there is a distinction between the action which he coerced to do and the one he chooses. So the actions of the slaves occur by their choice and volition, and with that; they happen with the Will and Creation of Allaah.
However, there still remains a problem for us: How can they be a creation of Allaah while they are act of man’s?
The answer is that the slave’s actions come from volition  and ability, and the One Who created the volition and power in him is Allaah, the Mighty and Sublime. If Allaah Wills, He can deny you the power, so you would not be able to do it. And if someone was able to do something but he does not wish to do, the action will not occur from him.
Every capable person who does action,  then it is done with his volition, except the one who is compelled (by someone else). So we perform actions with our choice and ability, and the One Who created the choice and the ability in us is Allaah.

Reference: pg-97-98 of Volume 2 Commentary On Shaikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah’s Al- ‘Aqîdah AL-Wâsitiyyah by Shaikh Muhammad bin Sâlih Al- Uthaîmîn


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