Basically I learned one word today. The Malaysian slang for ”whatever” and ”anything”. We use lah as a slang in the end of everything for e.g ok lah, do lah, can lah, die lah when we are disappointed and angry at someone. ”You can’t cinchai marry someone.” which got me laughing. I think as an international student I get asked alot if I have a boyfriend or how many boyfriends I have? Lol none. Then I have to explain that we don’t date we straight marry. Khallas.
The point of me writing this post is two of the bakeries that are nearest to me haven’t opened yet. Seriously more than 1 week for Chinese New Year holidays? Never live in a country where they have holiday for every race and religion because for us it is difficult to manage. I have been craving that sandwich and for more than a week I haven’t had it and you can’t get it everywhere except a bakery. Man….Just so frustrated about this and on top of that I had a 4 hours class and two meetings today and in one of them it was literally me coming up with the whole assignment I mean where is everyone else? They didn’t allow me to take the lead before and now when the lecturer rejected all our group ideas they imposed everything on me. Seriously? I don’t even have a life thats why I am the secretary of this event. I was just like put my name might as well do something rather than nothing. So literally die lah? If that wasn’t enough our washing machine makes so much noise as if it will burst out anytime. I am surprised my neighbours didn’t complain yet. I don’t even complain about their loud music at 3am so I totally understand why they are putting up with our crazy washing machine.
I am having tomyum with rice and that restaurant they don’t even know what rice is called in English every time they take my order the server has to go around asking what I am talking about and the whole menu is in Malay.
If that wasn’t enough I got a very good reality check from my Mom at this point I couldn’t care less.
Just video called with the family I feel so much better. Just going to make duas now thats it.


Roti Chanai with Egg for morning breakfast.


Got my hands on art after years. Cotton bud painting attempt.


String painting attempt.


Afternoon ice lemon tea.




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