Melaka, The Perfect Gateway

Ahhhh I have made it to my trip to Melaka and that is a huge achievement because in the morning I was second guessing my choice but then I realised depressed people miss appointments and can’t follow plans so for me to prove that I am not sad I must get off my cozy bed. What I do before going out for a long day or a vacation I clean the entire house. Therefore I come back to a nice, neat and delightful apartment. As I was mopping, my mop broke. The last thing you want before a gateway is for you to worry about such minimal stuff.

I had oreos, potato salad sandwich and mango peach drink  for breakfast. My trip started rather awkward because of a couple. I mean always there has to be a couple next to me when I am alone. Sigh the last thing some single person needs tbh is some relationship reminding them of the absence of family. I was so disappointed and looked shyly away with my eyes closed and doubting if this was a best idea.

This blog post will be really honest because I just don’t want to lie *sips tea and looks at the fan*.

I first went to my favourite restaurant which has the best Asam Pedas ever like seriously I wanted to order another one but I was so full. Yum yum. A friendly old server served me with a fresh jelly coconut thing as a refreshment. It was like a taste of Bangladesh in my tongue and at the same time delicious. My alone eating was short lived when a family of nine excluding their kid joined my table. I don’t blame them I took two tables to myself and the old lady was so sweet I just didn’t have the right to say no and there came the awkwardness again. Ahh that would be us if we were in a restaurant in Bangladesh. First I thought it was the women and the dad but then came all the other family members and I was like ”Seriously?” This is supposed to be a ”happy me only trip” not missing the absence of people ahh give me a break will you?  But that couldn’t beat the tastiness of my meal. I was so engrossed in the asam pedas that I had the whole fish. I always have their strong coffee which gives me energy to walk through the dutch square and the entire Jonker Street.


At Asam Pedas Selera Kampung. Notice how I took the plastic spoons and the server gave me the real ones lol.


Iced Coffee.

I then went to the Megamall to perform my Zuhr prayer and yes I will only include a few pictures on this blog post because really so lazy to transfer the photos of scenery from my phone I can’t just can’t. And yeah I did make IG story of my entire trip so yeah don’t hold me accountable for not seeing it.

I love Melaka’s H& M. It is a three story building but this time I didn’t get what I was looking for.

I had sour mangoes with Asam and this chili sauce at OCHADO at the entrance of Jonker Street. It was amazing like always.




Laksa at Jonker88. It was yummilicious.


Cendol at Jonker88. Nothing can beat this iced coconut stuff.


Make sure you take someone to finish the laksa if you are a foreigner. The taste hasn’t left my mouth yet. Nomnom


I got this head massager and it feels so good. Everyone needs this in their life.



Bits of me under the leaves.



It was a self-awakening gatway when I remembered every step that I took here with Sabz last year. It was as if I was following her but she wasn’t there but I was pretty good with directions I didn’t lose my way. It’s truly heart warming when you start realising how a person cared for you and held your hand in the crowd when you are put in those situations and the person is not there anymore. It makes you realise how much you were loved and how strong the bond was. Often we tend to forget what a person did for us when they leave our lives we only remember what we did for them but when we visit a place where we have been with them we come to notice their loving gestures for us. That is why I don’t like to visit a place where it brings back memories because it awakens the depth of my soul but I should do it more often to be reminded of once being loved and taken care of despite what happened after. It is the first impression that always stays; the laughter, her hands on me, her guiding me through the streets and never looking confused even though she was. This trip definitely took out the negativity that I was facing and brought back the positivity. It opened my heart to opportunities and new people and to appreciate the old ones that have gone. We are all in it together trying to make ways for ourselves in a crowd and leaving the wounds behind but we tend to forget between those melancholic moments were laughter, smiles, late night conversations, tears, sharing worries, advises, the soothing effect of their voice on our hearts, the affect of their gentle gestures and the blessings that were bestowed on us by Allaah through them. Alhamdulillah I couldn’t be happier after yesterday.

It feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I came back to a cozy and happy bed.

Overall I loved every bit of it and would love to visit again to dine at Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg Duyung to order Udang Masak Butter or garlic and Sotong Goreng Tepung.


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