Notes from Benefits of Patience by Abu Iyaad

Ibn Al Qayyim mentioned some of the tremendous benefits of sabr. How can a person be patient? He should look at the reward that results from sabr by looking at the stories of the Prophets. Sabr erases the sins.The trail that you are affected with is from the Qadr of Allaah.It was decreed to happen even before you were born. One of the rights of Allaah upon you is that you are patient with the trial. That you show patience that you are pleased with the trial. That trial has come to you as the result of your sins. For every single calamity if he realises that it is the results of his sins then he will seek forgiveness like Yunis alayhi wa sallam.

No calamity has been befallen except for sins and no calamity has risen except for tawbah (repentance). Every trial every calamity that comes to you think of it as medicine. He wants to cure you and He wants to improve your Eeman and remove the diseases of your heart. At the end of this trial the pain that from from this trial will go. A calamity is a means to test whether he is going to be from the party of Allaah or not. Whether he is going to be chosen by Allaah or not. In every situation you are giving your ubudiah to Allaah. It is known from the story of Yunus alayhi wa sallam. From the story we learn making tasbih for Allaah. Being from the mussabihin is a cause of safety. That he did not have righteous deeds from times of ease then he would be saved in times of calamity. Mussalin (he is from the those who prays).

How does a person escape from hardships and calamities in his life? He makes tasbih of Allaah (he glorifies Allaah). He is constant in prayer. He makes the nawafil prayer.He makes the various azkhaar after prayer. He will find that Allaah will remove his calamities. There are tremendous benefits of dhikr as Yunus alayhi wa sallam remembered Allaah.

Benefits of dhirk are:

  • It is something that repels and breaks shaytaan. Dhikr is something that puts you in control
  • It pleases Ar Rahmaan
  • It removes grief and anxiety from your heart.It makes your heart to feel rejoice and it puts light on your face. It also brings rizq from Allaah.
  • It also brings that you are observant of Allaah constantly fearing him. it brings about inabah that you constantly return to Allaah. it brings you closer to Alaah.
  • It makes you inherit all you of Allaah. Allaah himself will mention you as Allaah says ‘’If you remember me I will remember you.’’

What we learned from this lecture:

  • We must be constant in dawah whether we receive a response or not.
  • The necessity of having sabr and not giving up
  • The issue of major and minor sin
  • Making tawbah to Allaah, making istigfar,making dhikr.




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