Notes/Transcription of My Dear Sisters, Hold On & Be Strong By Aby ‘Abis Salaam al Juyaanee

There is tremendous bounty upon us that Allaah has guided us to Islam and Sunnah of Mustafa sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam and this is why the title of today’s title of this talk is My Dear Sisters, Hold On & Be Strong. It focuses on the reality of recognising the bounty of Islam and this reality of recognising the bounty of the Sunnah. This is a bounty that is tremendous that Allaah has guided us to the Sunnah. Allaah tells that the
only religion that is accepted by Allaah is Islam and that a deen other than Islam will not be accepted. Allaah says ‘’And whoever desires a religion other than Islam and a way of life other than Islam, it will never be accepted from him but the consequences of such desires are disasters. And in the hereafter he will verily be of the losers. There is no single individual except that he wants to be successful and there is no single individual except that he wants to succeed and he wants to success. The ultimate success is Jannah. Individuals who are intelligent they recognise this fact. That this of dunya is not something that we ever should become attached to. From this reason we wanted to focus on some of the benefits from Riyadh as Saliheen.

However Imaam Nawawi mentions a tremendous line of poetry in Riyadh as Saliheen that the introduction. He said that “Verily Allaah has servants that are extremely intelligent they have divorced the dunya and they fear from the trials and tribulations.’’ They have looked inside of it and they have examined it and once they have examined it they have known verily this is a lowly life hence it is named Dunya that which is low and that which is less. So what should be our relationship with the dunya? He says in the last bit ‘’Therefore they have taken this world as nothing but an ocean and great extensive valley of water that they have to cross.’’ This is something that we have to keep in mind is we have to work for the hereafter. I want to remind all the sisters that is to view this dunya properly and it is the time for us to gain benefit ourselves by believing properly in Allaah, by following the sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam; submitting ourselves to Allaah subhaanahu Ta’aala. This is a reminder to take full advantage of our life and do not squander this opportunity because if we were to take a lesser example we will say the squandering of such will be idiotic.

We live in a time where it is not fashionable to do what is correct we will be called to do so many things that are incorrect. We will be invited to so many lifestyles that are incorrect. We are invited so many evils and corruptions. And we are being told it is good for us and it is a sign of progress and a sign we are moving forward and it is a sign that is modern. We live in a time where it becomes especially hard for our sisters. Sisters dress properly as Allaah has commanded them to dress and fear Allaah. They are automatically noticeably Muslim that puts upon them pressure especially when they are made to feel that you don’t belong especially when they are made to feel like that you shouldn’t be like that because you are err. You see kuffar say that you shouldn’t be like that when one area or one country is devoid from the rules of Allaah. Allaah is aware of what is happening. We have to fear Allaah no matter where we are. We can’t change but why should we want to change? Why should we feel pressure to want to change? Allaah has guided to the Deen that He accepts. Allaah has given us a way of life that is perfect. So why would we want anything else? So why do we want to trade our perfect lives for that which Allaah doesn’t accept? Allaah has perfect for us our religion and completed. Islam is 24/7 for our whole lives we have to obey Allaah and this is a mercy upon us. And we have to remember that the companions went through this is not a time when we are going through the pressure that the companions went through but this is a difficult time nonetheless. At a time when we are under the pressure of comprising our religion and pressures to let go of our deen. We have to reject this in every way shape and form.

And it reminds of those lines of poetry that the Sahabas they were reciting and they were saying when all of the mushrikoun came against the Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wa sallam and they wanted to eradicate Islam. They came with the intent of genocide. But the Sahabas were praising Allaah for the bounty of Islam and Allaah has guided them to Islam. So I want us to have this sentiment and be happy that we are Muslims. And to hold on to our religion that why I said the sisters hold on and be strong. Don’t give in. Don’t compromise in ways that are not Islamic. Because there are certain things that we have some space in where Allaah has allowed us but there are other compromises which we are not allowed to do it. We have to fear Allaah so we have to refuse those calls for us to be Muslims by name. The Sahabas were saying ‘’By Allaah that if it were not for Allaah we would not have been guided nor we would have given charity nor we would have prayed. So send down the tranquility upon us and make our feet firm if we were to meet them (enemy). These musrikun have transgressed the bounds against us and if they want from us fitnah; shirk, polythism, kufr. If they want from us unislamic lifestyles and so forth. We refuse.’’ Upon hearing this the Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wa sallam extended his voice and said thrice ‘’ We refuse. We refuse. We refuse.’’ So they meant us if you us to anger Allaah to make you happy we refuse. If you want us to give up our religion we refuse. If you want us to compromise all and everything we refuse.

This guidance it is a gift from Allaah so we have to preserve the gift that Allaah has given us. We have to be thankful for that gift in which Allaah has blessed us with. It is a ni’ma upon us that Allaah has given us the Tawfiq to pray already in this day: Fajr, Zuhr. How many people are not guided to even to know about these salawat? How many people are deprived of such? Alhamdulillah Allaah has guided us and we have prayed and may Allaah accept it from us. Ameen. We are going to put in trials at a time where we will need Allaah to make us firm. There will be times where it will be easy to go the wrong way and times where it will be made attractive to go the wrong way. So it will be said to sisters ‘’Don’t listen to your father or your husband take off your khimr. You are independant now. This is 2016 what are you doing?’’ They are being called to all times of things. I seek refuge in Allaah. We need to beg Allaah to make us firm. So I encourage my sisters to hold on and be strong because no doubt the Prophet sall Allaahu alyhi wa Sallam  told us ‘’There will come a time upon us when the one who holds onto his religion in that time it will be like the one who holds on to coals.’’ It is the coal from which the heat coming out of it makes you stay away from it.

The children who study in the public schools let us see how difficult for them is to hold onto their Islamic identity; how easy they want to fit in because they don’t want to be the odd one out. As parents when we send off our children to universities we don’t know how much pressure they are in. They want them to be doctors, engineers or scientists or so and forth so its fine. No we have to be very wise and very intelligent about the lives of these things and really examine these things and to look at ourselves and what is important to us because what is important is what that we bring to the grave. We need to really sit down and have some self evaluation and we need to examine ourselves and check ourselves because all of those things that benefit our children beyond this life. What about all those things that we put our children through don’t even benefit until their graves? A person needs a doctor but they won’t help him after he dies. What if he lives up to an old person? Doctors retire don’t they? Engineers retire? Scientists and everyone retire don’t they? So what is going to go beyond their grave? I don’t think it is a belittlement of such profession no its not. We need women who are doctors we need Muslim women to go onto these things but the point is that these things are not important to their religion. The religion is more important.

The Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wa sallam said ‘’Islam began as something strange and it shall return to that being strange so glad tidings to the strangers.’’ So we say to our sisters if you cover and it is making you strange. Glad tidings to the stranger. If you are strange because you pray. Glad tidings to the stranger. It is good to be strange. If you are strange because you are holding onto the way of Sahaba then glad tidings to the strangers. No sister will be ashamed to say that I want to be like our Mother Khadija radi Allaahu anha. No Muslimah will ever be ashamed to say that I want to be a scholar like our Mother Ayesha radi Allaahu anha. The mothers of the believers they are the role models. Never ever be ashamed of that. The Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wa Sallam was asked ‘’Who is the best of Mankind?’’ And He said ‘’My generation and those who follow them and those who follow them.’’ The best of Mankind meant excluding the Prophet and Messengers as they are the best, best of Mankind. The best of Mankind are the Sahabas so we should aspire to be like them and to aspire to be upon their way.

Let us be clear we are never gonna get close to the Sahabas in worship. We are never gonna be on their level let alone succeed them.

P.S. I call it notes because I edited it to be readable but these are all the brothers words.

Reference: My Dear Sisters, Hold On & Be Strong By Aby ‘Abis Salaam al Juyaanee


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