Do Not Read

I didn’t know a good topic for this post other than this. So my friend commented I am in a good mood. Therefore I will share with you an advice that I gave to myself today. Nevermind lets talk about happy things. Always move on even if other people make you feel like you might not get better than your current circumstances. It took me a year to finally realise that I SHOULD HAVE JUST WALKED OUT LIKE YES I SHOULD HAVE JUST DONE THAT BUT NO I WANTED TO BE PATIENT BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE TOLD ME SO WHY? I knew better I didn’t fit in the context then why stay? Just leave and do not reply. IF SOMEONE PERSISTS IN THEIR BEHAVIOUR BLOCK WHY BOTHER EXPLAINING NOT LIKE THEY WOULD CHANGE. SUMAIYA LEAVE OHKAY? YOU KNOW YOURSELF BETTER. HOLD YOURSELF WITH GRACE BECAUSE YOU DESERVE THE UTMOST KINDNESS AND RESPECT AND SUPPORT. I WILL AND SHALL STAND FOR YOU. OK bye.