It is Not from The Manhaj of The Salaf by Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool E-book

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Notes/Transcription of My Dear Sisters, Hold On & Be Strong By Aby ‘Abis Salaam al Juyaanee

There is tremendous bounty upon us that Allaah has guided us to Islam and Sunnah of Mustafa sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam and this is why the title of today’s title of this talk is My Dear Sisters, Hold On & Be Strong. It focuses on the reality of recognising the bounty of Islam and this reality of recognising the bounty of the Sunnah. This is a bounty that is tremendous that Allaah has guided us to the Sunnah. Allaah tells that the Continue reading

Notes from Benefits of Patience by Abu Iyaad

Ibn Al Qayyim mentioned some of the tremendous benefits of sabr. How can a person be patient? He should look at the reward that results from sabr by looking at the stories of the Prophets. Sabr erases the sins.The trail that you are affected with is from the Qadr of Allaah.It was decreed to happen even before you were born. One of the rights of Allaah upon you is that you are patient with the trial. That you show patience that you are pleased with the trial. That trial has come to you as the result of your Continue reading

Causes of Decrease of Iman By Muhammad ibn Saalih Al Utaymeen

فوائـد وأقـوال العلماء:
 أسباب نقص الإيمان 
قال العَلّامـَـة فقيه الزمان /
مُحَمَّد بنُ صَالِح العُثَيْمِين -رَحِمـَهُ الله

 من أسباب نقصان الإيمان :

1⃣ – أولا : الجهل بأسماء الله تعالى وصفاته.

2⃣ – ثانيا :  الإعراض عن التفكر في آيات الله تعالى الكونية والشرعية. 

3⃣ – ثالثا : فعل المعصية؛ فإن للمعصية آثارا عظيمة على القلب وعلى الإيمان

4⃣ – رابعا : ترك الطاعة؛ فإن ترك الطاعة سبب لنقص الإيمان ❒
📚【فتاوى أركان الإسلام【صـ 34】

English Translation:
Causes of The Decrease of Imaan

Shaykh Muhammad ibn asaalih al-Uthaymeen رحمه الله said: 

From the causes of the decrease of imaan are:

1⃣- First: Ignorance with the (Lofty) Names of Allaah The Most High and His Descriptions. 
2⃣- Second: Turning away from the reflection in the ayat of Allaah The Most High of Kuwniyyah (Universal) and Shar’iyyah (Legislative). 
3⃣- Third: Disobedience(to Allaah); indeed disibedience has a great affect upon the heart and upon the imaan.
4⃣- Four: Abandoning obedience (to Allaah); indeed abandoning obedience is a cause for the decrease of Imaan. 

Source: Fataawa Arkaanil Islaam page 34
Translator: Khaleel Davis   ابو عبد الهادي خليل ديفس

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