The Advice of Sheikh Sulyman Ar Ruhaly to Muslims regarding the Political Conflict between (Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc) and Qatar.

Alhamdulillah our  Sheikh Suliman Ar Ruhaly  has advised us regarding on our stance towards what’s happening with an Islamic Country. Below is the translation by sister Zaynab al Kiteb:

Muslims qa:

This is the advice of Sheikh Sulyman Ar Ruhaly to muslims regarding the political conflict between (Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc) and Qattar.
He says our stance regrding :

 1- ruler of qatar:

We leave this to our government.
2- regarding people of Qattar:

They are our brothere and sisters and we do not accept that anyone say bad words about them or humiliate them (in social media)
3- regrding the Hizbis and deviated sects in Qattar (khawarej) then we are obliged to hate them and to reveal and warn against their evil. #SaudiArabia #Qatar #Islam #Muslim #Salafiyyah #Salafi


As The Moon Appears

Yesterday was a test day at Madrasah. We had Quran test and Islamic. We had to perform ablution and then recite the duas after ablution and recite the dua of leaving a gathering. I quickly emerged to the sink before she could even call my name. I am not sure if I got full marks but what I truly know is my wudhu was correct except that I misunderstood her words and wiped my ears twice. Well I thought she said me to do but it turns out she didn’t. Therefore I am not sure what grades I will score.  Anyways in Quran test I Continue reading

The Biography of Great Muhaddith Sheikh Muhammad Nāsiruddin Al-Albāni Rahimahumullaah

The Biography of Great Muhaddith Sheikh Muhammad Nāsiruddin Al-Albāni Rahimahumullaah by Abu Nasir Ibrahīm Abdul Rauf & Abu Maryam Muslim Ameen Verified by Ash-Sheikh Muhammad Al-Ameen Al-Haleel Abu Abdil Musawwir is an amazing book if you are looking for inspiration. Sheikh Al Albani used to read 12 hours a day at a library in Syria. I absolutely loved reading how he used to have a breakdown if someone praised him. He was really humble which made him weep more. I bought this book from Darussalam (The one in Malaz). I am not going to spill the beans for you but it is a must read.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.53.39 AM

O Land of Islam

O land of Islam my heart aches for you and my soul longs to reunite with you. O land of Islam every night is a struggle here fighting to hold a tear drop yet erupting built up emotions. O land of Islam I wish to go back to you. My love without you I am incomplete with negativity.  It is a trial, a test to exhale every breath here. O land of Islam when will they understand Islam? O land of Islam they ask me why I don’t cook for them? How will I prepare a meal when non mahrams come without any alarm? O land of Islam I wish you had Continue reading

Learning Quran Tajweed for Free Online

It has been a long time since I set back and spoke to you. One to one you know. My conversations with people have been dragged to one topic that is ”My Career” Alhamdulilah for righteous sisters who keep pulling me back to the path which concentrates on my Hereafter. For the past 2.5 months I have been taking  Quran Tajweed classes online. Don’t freak out. It is for free and is organised by Continue reading

The King Who Lived Once

Peace be to those who follow right guidance. Don’t ask about my sleep because I haven’t slept this night. I was chit-chatting and then this news came to me.

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.

…..”Indeed we belong to Allaah, and indeed to Him we will return.” [2:156]

The King of Saudi Arabia AKA King Abdullah has passed away on this blessed night of Friday. He has left behind himself a great amount of good deeds such as the expanding of Masjidal Haram in Makkah and his participation in providing care for the pilgrims have been in abundance. Through out his life he has taught us to be Continue reading