The Advice of Sheikh Sulyman Ar Ruhaly to Muslims regarding the Political Conflict between (Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc) and Qatar.

Alhamdulillah our  Sheikh Suliman Ar Ruhaly  has advised us regarding on our stance towards what’s happening with an Islamic Country. Below is the translation by sister Zaynab al Kiteb:

Muslims qa:

This is the advice of Sheikh Sulyman Ar Ruhaly to muslims regarding the political conflict between (Saudi Arabia, Egypt…etc) and Qattar.
He says our stance regrding :

 1- ruler of qatar:

We leave this to our government.
2- regarding people of Qattar:

They are our brothere and sisters and we do not accept that anyone say bad words about them or humiliate them (in social media)
3- regrding the Hizbis and deviated sects in Qattar (khawarej) then we are obliged to hate them and to reveal and warn against their evil. #SaudiArabia #Qatar #Islam #Muslim #Salafiyyah #Salafi