Telegram Salafi Channels to Join

⭐Mashaykh: (The English channel of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Junaid’s Knowledge Based Benefits)

⭐ Languages:
Urdu – (short clips extracted from longer lectures. Channel Administrator: Abu Bilaal Nahim Bin Abdel Majeed. Channel known to Dr Murtadha Bakhsh)

Maldivian –

Somalian –


Arabic – (Ustaadh Mustafa George’s) (Arabic & Tajweed benefits, classes & study materials)


⭐ Masaajid/Bookshops UK

⭐ Masaajid USA

⭐ Global Channels (English):

⭐ Telegraph Channels dedicated to children: (Salafi education Islamic channel for children)

Telegram Channels Exclusively for Women:
There are a few telegram channels which are exclusively for women run by sister Zaynab El-Kateb. Just send me an email and I will give you the names of the channels. My dear sisters please don’t share these channels with any men or give them the recordings posted on these channels.


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